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The Diana Waldron Ballet Academy studios are located in City Beach, Kalamunda and teaches the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-school Curriculum (non-examinable). Ballet aims to capture and nurture the young child's instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression. The importance of movement in the development of children has been well researched. Through movement children develop their bodies, their confidence and their ability to communicate and express. Ballet classes not only provide an outlet for the child to learn to move, they also provide the opportunity to develop their control and co-ordination in conjunction with a love of music.

The Royal Academy of Dancing Pre-school Curriculum has been carefully designed by educators of young children from both the public and private sectors in both dance and music, as well as movement specialists. The ballet classes are designed with focus on key developmental areas. The classes have imaginative themes which help the children to be inventive and utilize their imagination. Ballet provides children with a creative and fun introduction into the world of dance, music and movement.

In 2015 we will be running Beginner's Ballet classes. Class times available are during school hours, after school and on weekends.

Dance to your Own Tune

This Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is offered to students from 2 and a half years of age for an inspiring introduction to dance.

Grades (Pre-Primary to Grade 8)

royal_academy_of_dance-registered_teacher.jpgFor children from 5 years of age, training is in the Royal Academy of Dance Grade syllabus 1 to 8. An extension program is available which offers private lessons to students.

A Junior Workshop, which includes repertoire and choreography, is part of the program and links to drama and contemporary dance.

Royal Academy of Dance Graded Examinations (Intermediate Foundation to Solo Seal)

Studies can be undertaken in the Royal Academy of Dance Vocational Grades Syllabus, a major course leading to full membership of the Royal Academy of Dance and the Solo Seal Award.

An extension program is available which offers private lessons. Full time programs are designed to suit the individual dancer.

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